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Location: Corrimal NSW 2518, Australia, , Corrimal, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

I want to give Indigenous women an opportunity to have their voices heard in Parliament, to empower communities and to share ancient wisdom at a time when it is most needed.


Candace Gabelish

I have started training this week with a High Intensity Interval class and a bike ride. More fun was the dancing around the office with my work colleague to Triple J's hottest 100!!

By Candace Gabelish @ 18 February 2020


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$230 Candace Gabelish 1 month ago the only cure for invisibility is visibility, the only cure for silence is a voice. the funds raised through the generous donations of my supporters will assist indigenous women to be heard in parliament
$50 Susan Brittain 1 year ago
$100 Anonymous 1 year ago
$50 Levi Broughton-Rouse 1 year ago
$20 Leah Varga 1 year ago
$50 Alan Pearce 1 year ago
$25 Leanne Jordan 1 year ago
$15 Catherine Saunders 1 year ago
$30 Melinda Dillon 1 year ago
$30 Susi Eager 1 year ago
$20 Tim Baker 1 year ago
$30 Barbara Helsby 1 year ago
$200 1 year ago
$150 Candace Gabelish 1 year ago