CGS 24-Hour Music Marathon

Fundraise for Emergencies




days to go

Location: Canberra ACT, Australia

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen remains the worst in the world. Continuing conflict, airstrikes and restrictions on imports have left more than 24 million Yemenis (around 80 per cent of the population) without enough food. Since July 2015, Oxfam has reached more than 3 million people in nine governorates of Yemen with clean water, sanitation and help to buy food. Please donate to support them in delivering life-saving supplies to the millions of Yemenis that require assistance!



Amount From Message
$100 Aliqua James 1 week ago
$50 Tess Chung 1 week ago
$30 Anonymous 1 week ago Thank you
$75 Anonymous 1 week ago Congrats on a truly wonderful initiative...
$50 Kerrie-Anne Pandy 1 week ago
$30 Erum Hamza 1 week ago Thank you for supporting the biggest humanitarian crisis of the time.
$20 Anonymous 1 week ago
$50 Tanya MONRO 1 week ago
$20 Steve Allen 1 week ago Combining the ARTS and Service- Great Work Crew!!
$50 Justin Garrick 1 week ago Congratulations on an incredible initiative for a great cause.
$40 Andrew Millar 1 week ago All the best!
$25 Niki Jackson 1 week ago
$30 Jennifer Liu 1 week ago
$50 Anonymous 1 week ago
$50 Anonymous 1 week ago
$50 Anonymous 1 week ago
$150 Anonymous 1 week ago
$250 Emma Ritchard 1 week ago
$50 Allison Lloyd 1 week ago
$150 Polly Lam 1 week ago