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Fundraising at Oxfam is all about you. Doing things your way to help Oxfam make a difference. You can support Oxfam's lifesaving work by holding your own fundraiser or charity event and starting the conversation about poverty and injustice around the world.

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What you can support

Some brave people climb a mountain or trek the jungle, others have run marathons in their home town. Many have hosted dinners with their friends and family. Some have supported our appeals and used water or hunger as a theme.

Essentially, you can do whatever you want and we will be here to support you. If you're stuck for an idea check out our featured fundraisers to give you some inspiration.

How your support will change lives

You’re helping families build water taps, giving them clean water to drink, and reducing the time they spend collecting and boiling water. You’re installing boreholes, toilets and hand-washing stalls in communities, which will help stop the spread of diarrhoea and cholera. You’re building schools and training school teachers to provide people with tools and skills that will help them create a way to earn an income and build a brighter future. You’re providing seeds to grow nutritious vegetables for families currently going hungry. And when an emergency hits, you’re providing people with the assistance they need to survive, including food, water and shelter.

You and Oxfam, tackling poverty together.

Trek to Tackle Poverty - Larapinta fundraise for a cause

Trek to Tackle Poverty - Larapinta

Do it your way for Oxfam fundraise for a cause

Do it your way for Oxfam

Fundraise for Emergencies fundraise for a cause

Fundraise for Emergencies